Martha’s desire



Take me, take me! I can’t take it anymore! Martha repeated incessantly when the pain took her mercilessly.

Her body, which was once an example of beauty, health and strength, is now just worn-out flesh eaten away by ulcers, her bones reflecting her extreme thinness. Now she faces the ailments of a terminal cancer that, little by little, steals her life.

However, those who hear her pleas ask for one more day for her. They pray that her pains will stop. But her daughter, Rita, does not. Rita wanted her mother to stop suffering. She asked God, the Universe or any entity with power to grant her wish to die.

jOne night, upon hearing Martha’s desperate pleas, Rita ran to the window and in desperation began to scream to heaven:

-She wants to go! -She wants to go! Don’t make her suffer anymore. Take her away!

Her grandmother could not believe it. He scolded her fiercely and demanded that she never wish her mother dead again. She will be healed and return to us as usual.

Rita, incredulous, answers him:

-As always? -As always, Grandma? Nothing will be like always anymore. She can’t take it anymore.

She left the house that night, she did not have the strength to see her mother suffer like that. Soon the days passed and the agony became more exhausting. One afternoon, Marta calls her and asks her for a favor:

-Take me to the beach, I want to talk to you.

She didn’t have the courage to say no. They went out as they could. Marta looked at the sea as if she were seeing it for the first time. For the first time in a long time, Rita saw her smile. Martha asked her to stop. She sat down next to her mother, in silence.

After a while, Martha told her the following:

Rita, I’ve been struggling with this for so long and I don’t want to do it anymore. I have thought a lot and I want to leave, that is why I beg to leave, I don’t want to feel pain anymore. I am not afraid of death. I am not afraid to leave. During this time of suffering, I have understood that your life will go on with or without me, but promise me that you will let me go and try to make your life, to be happy and to take care of your grandmother. Think that after leaving this plane, I will not suffer anymore.

Rita only managed to look at her and nod her head. Deep down, she doesn’t want her mom to suffer, but she doesn’t want her mom to die either. However, she understands that this is not about her. It’s about her mother’s wishes.

That same day, Martha dies peacefully and smiling. Silence invaded the room. There were no words, no crying, no complaints. They just looked at each other and hugged, and as they did so, they felt their hearts breaking. However, even though it was very hard for them, Hiromi’s wish was finally fulfilled: she no longer suffers.


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